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A new discovery by prof. Meyer proves that you can lose weight and decrease your cholesterol level at the same time.
Scientists have reported that you need only one day of treatment to lose 3 pounds. Professor Adrian Meyer proved with medical tests that it destroys fat tissue just after 120 minutes. At the same time, it separates the layers of cholesterol from the arteries. As a result, it makes you lose weight and eliminates all the important health effects of obesity: high cholesterol level, excess blood sugar and metabolic disorders.

Prof. Meyer from Medical University in Geneva created a super fast and 100% natural weight loss formula. Everyone in the scientific community, from geneticists to medical and academic professionals, recognizes that this is a scientific breakthrough in the fight against obesity. It has been confirmed by independent empirical testing as well as chemical and clinical research..

In Europe and Japan only, professor's formula has been already tested by 9,000 people. Consumer surveys and interviews confirmed that it has two properties:

  •  It works even 3 times faster than standard exercises accompanied by a low-calorie diet.
  •  It lowers cholesterol levels and has a positive effect on arterial blood flow.

People who lose weight with the professor's system got rid of the residual cholesterol in their arteries:

Cholesterol deposits block blood flowBlood flows freely

You'll burn 2 lbs of fat and reduce cholesterol within two hours after you've administered it - the effect is guaranteed with medical tests

This is how the professor scientifically explains the effects of his super-fast weight loss formula:

'The secret of the effectiveness of the treatment is a three-phase impact. I created a unique weight loss program that destroys cholesterol, rights to which are reserved in the patent institute. It burns fat 24 hours a day!

It combines a special diet, the most effective slimming exercises and hacks that turbo-accelerate the metabolism. Combining these three actions within one program can activate an intense fat burning process and works in more than just one way:

Firstly, by incorporating natural substances and vegetable fatty acids into your diet, it activates the previously blocked process of your glucose stock combustion, e.g. sugar, as well as the process of burning fat in the liver.

Secondly, which is especially important from a medical point of view, it slows down the sugar assimilation (absorption) into the blood, and when the blood does not accumulate sugar, there is no physical possibility for storing fat as only sugar is converted into fat cells.

Thirdly, this program intensively cleanses the blood vessels as it includes powerful antioxidants into your daily diet, which start circulating in your blood. They capture toxins and cholesterol fractions, combine them with peptide bonds and remove them from the blood circulation.

The synergy of these three effects enables you to burn fat and lower your cholesterol levels at the same time. Because of this, it's not only possible to reduce body fat, but also to eliminate the most serious health consequences of obesity: high cholesterol, excess blood sugar and metabolic disorders'.

Warning - trust only proven methods

The World Of Science magazine recognized this method as the biggest discovery of 2015 in the area of health.
There is no room for chance in science. There's no room for promises. Only test results speak for themselves. That's why prof. Meyer developed a special clinical test, which confirmed that just two hours are enough to weigh less and reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

Researchers have tested the effectiveness of prof. Meyer's program on a group of 122 people aged 23-65 years. Participants of the experiment used the weight loss program developed by the researcher every day. As they claimed - in the course of the experiment they hadn't had to drastically change their menu or give up their favourite food.

The objective of test was to scientifically check: whether the professor's weight-loss program may in fact guarantee the loss of weight and the decrease of cholesterol level – with no need for fasting and strenuous exercises? And here are the results of the research:

Documented results of the 4-week treatment by prof. Meyers published in the Lipids in Health & Disease medical journal:

  • Based on the survey questionnaire, the researchers calculated that participants lost on average 23.57 lbs in 30 days.
  • Analysis of participants' blood tests showed that the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) decreased by 60 points.
  • Tests have shown the positive impact of the program on the patency of the arteries.
  • Patients' BMI decreased by an average of 6.55 points.

The course of treatment, as documented in the research experiment*

*Editors note - Original spelling has been kept. Patient data were removed to protect their privacy.


I volunteered to the test, because I was worried about my health. I experienced the first effects just after the first couple of hours. I felt more energetic and my hunger was suppressed.
At the beginning I was afraid that I would not make to follow all the recommendations of the professor, but the program turned out to be a simple as a string. Everything was written out in details, step by step. All I had to do was to follow the rules from the book, and two days past I felt awesome and hardly ever thought about eating. I felt relaxed and rested as well, as since I started the treatment I got rid of remorse caused by health condition.
After 6 days, I stood on the scales. Outcome: 7 lbs less! For the first time in many years I weighed less than 177 lbs!


I feel good as never before. I feel more energetic and sleep well - it's probably the effect of getting rid of the stress associated with being overweight and the issues it caused. I am relaxed and I lost additional 10 lbs. It gives the total of 17 lbs in 3 weeks, which is 0.8 lbs a day.
Losing these 17 lbs is a real relief for joints and the spine. No more pain or stress!


Four weeks later it was a time for the ultimate test. I lost 27 lbs in total, but the blood test was to specify, whether I managed to defeat the high level of cholesterol.
I was anxious about this test. When the physician invited me to his office, he said with a stern face. 'Mrs. Isabella, at first I thought I had taken another patient's results by mistake. But it's not a mistake - CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS!'
My cholesterol level was lower by 80 points in total! At last, I can sleep well and not worry about my health.'

Report on the participant of the test:

(beginning of the test)
Total cholesterol289 mg/dl164 mg/dl147 mg/dl
LDL – bad cholesterol210171130
HDL – good cholesterol364040

Documented statements prove that the weight-loss program developed by the professor has impressed not only scientists, but also ordinary people. Probably that's the reason why this method quickly became a popular way to fight obesity and high cholesterol. More and more people want to see by themselves whether it really is so effective.
When I saw the report on the clinical trial I was really surprised. Since then I've recommended this program to all of my customers who have a problem with overweight and high cholesterol - and they are thrilled.

Martin Duncan - dietician from Boston

The professor received so many requests from people, who wanted to test his super-fast weight loss program that destroys the deposits of cholesterol, that he was unable to admit all patients at his clinic. Therefore, he decided to create a special e-book, in which he describes in details, how his method works. He titled it: Science Slim Down.

Science Slim Down contains:

  • Proven with medical tests a 30-day slimming plan with recipes that will allow you to lose at least 11 lbs - with no exercise or fasting .
  • A special training program which turbo accelerates the metabolism. You'll crank up your metabolism by 200% within 7 days, and after 14 days you will lose: 4 inches from the waist, 2 inches from thighs and 1.5 inches from your bottom.
  • From a medical point of view, 7 the most effective strategies of purifying the body, which will help you to decrease the level of cholesterol by 60 points in a month and reduce the risk of heart attack, as well as cleanse your body of harmful toxins .
  • Multimedia application which allows you to use the Science Slim Down on your cell phone or tablet.

Because it is a scientific method, professor Meyer said that only results count, not the promises. Therefore, if anyone tries the Science Slim Down and does not reach the guaranteed test results, they will receive an unconditional refund of 100% of the costs incurred. This is a personal guarantee of prof. Meyer, confirmed by him in writing. You risk nothing with it!

Professor Meyer does not promise anything, he speaks the facts. Unquestionably, it is the best-documented weight loss treatment available.

Max Bosworth, Doctor of Health Sciences and publicist for World Health News

Remember - you cannot lose weight if you just read even about the best slimming method. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and overcome cholesterol issues - you need to check out this treatment on your own! If you do it, you'll find out that the results are confirmed not only with medical tests, but also with your own story. Furthermore, you won't have to wait for the results more than 24 hours. It is possible that if you started to use this program just before reading this text, you would just look at the first results!

Following the publication of this article, we are pleased to note the successes a lot of people achieved thanks to the Science Slim Down program (including the ones achieved by the author of this text). If you also want to do something for your health and slim body - don't wait any longer! You have nothing to lose, though! Click the link below to get the Science Slim Down e-book and feel confident that you get the original program that really works!


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